Product Information

The Flash Memory Toolkit has the following software features to show and measure USB Performance. Please note: There is absolutely no spyware, maleware or other malice software in this package. usb performance screen shotThe USB Performance Software is excellent for:
» Test transfer rate of mass storage device » Benchmark read/write speed of USB device » Backup files to USB drive » Recover files from USB drive » Get typology of USB device » and much more…

USB Topology:
usb informationThe Info USB performance function provides interesting information about the device such as description, USB specification level, USB typology of the device, flash memory manufacturer (flash memory vendor list here) file system and operating system. Click icon to view »
USB Error Scan:
usb error scanA fast and reliable function to check the integrity of a USB flash memory device. The process uses a high level read/write function scan to determine if there are any bad sectors. Click icon to view »
USB Eraser:
usb eraserThe erase USB performance function provides two options of a quick erase or full erase. The quick erase removes the directory information found in the FAT file, the full erase completely erases the flash memory. Click icon to view »
USB File Recover:
usb file recoveryA USB file recovery function which recovers deleted files or lost from a hardware failure or quick erase re-format. Many file types are supported in the USB file recovery function. Click icon to view »
USB Backup / USB Restore:
usb backupSimple and efficient USB backup and USB restore utility function. Backup your USB drive quickly and easily. Click icon to view »
Low-Level USB Benchmark Utility:
usb benchmarkThe low-level USB benchmark utility measures the read / write speeds on a sector level. This test provides USB performance and shows the best possible transfer rate the device could obtain. Click icon to view »
File USB Benchmark Performance:
usb file benchmarkThe file benchmark measures the USB performance when various files are created and read on the device. There is some overhead involved when writing files so normally results are lower than the low-level USB performance test (above). Click icon to view »