USB Topology

USB information TypologyThe USB information feature is an excellent way to see USB topology of any device. Not only does this feature show the topology of a peripheral device, the USB topology of your Windows system is also shown. Through viewing the USB topology you can quickly determine if your USB buss is High Speed USB or standard 1.1 USB technology. Although the feature doesn’t clearly state the USB type, if you see “Enhanced” anywhere in the USB topology tree, than you have a High Speed bus or adapter card. The USB information feature also displays the flash memory type, and capacity. For the capacity, the information is further broken down into Used, Free and File System type for quick reference. In addition to USB topology tree, the USB information feature also displays the USB version of peripheral device. Here, the USB versions or Type is clearly labeled as either USB 1.0, 1.1 or 2.0. The USB topology feature also displays other helpful and useful information such as the manufacturer of the device and the type of device it is…such as Mass Storage Device or HID [Human Input Device]. The serial number of the device is also displayed for quick viewing along with the USB vendor ID, USB Product ID and USB Device ID. All of these items are clearly displayed and a great benefit when troubleshooting and that information is requested by a manufacturer for technical support.  To cross reference USB vendors or manufacturers listed in the USB Performance software you can click here for an updated list. Back to Product Page